Kelly Cartlidge

Trainer & Behaviour Consultant

I very proud to say that I am a fully qualified Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) trainer.

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As part of my continued professional development I have achieved and attended:

* The School of Canine Science - Identifying and understanding fear in dogs and how to tackle it - online module

* 3-Day Puppy Conference
- Development
- Diets
- Life Skills
- Creative classes
- Control Unleashed®
- The Foundations of Fitness
- Service Dog training
- Medical Detection Dog training
- Gundog Training
- Competitive obedience training
- Helping puppy farm puppies
- Helping puppies in rescues
- Generation Pup project
- The emotional basis to emerging puppy problems and how to address them
- Impulsivity in puppies/young dogs
- Helping to prepare dogs for family life

Naughty But Nice - Pro Level online course
- Self control
- Focus
- Reliability
- Optimism
- Confidence
- Control

* 2-Day Puppy Culture Seminar with Jane Killion
-  Understanding the Critical Socialisation Period
- Understanding Fear Imprint and Socialisation The Enrichment Effect
-  Frustration-Aggression 
- Problem-Solving Games and Anti-Aggression Protocols
- The Communication Trinity
- Giving Your Puppies A Voice
- Distributed Learning
- Resource Guarding and Body Handling Protocols
- Balancing The Risks and Benefits of Early Socialisation

* “Doglaw” Seminar

* IMDT Practical instructor Course

* IMDT Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation Course

* Raw Food For Thought Seminar

* Teamwork Behaviour and Training “Take The Class” Training Day

* Fizz The Live Pupdate
- Puppy development
- Prevention of aggression and resource guarding
- Play and body language
- Management strategies
- Foundation exercises
- Focus and self-control of high drive dogs

* I have completed a 2 year Extended Diploma in Animal Management at D*D*D*. This means I was awarded a distinction in every subject I took including:
- Animal behaviour and communication
- Animal welfare and breed development
- Animal Training
- Animal health and the principles of animal biology
- Animal handling and safe working
- The principles of animal nutrition

In addition to this I have studied a large amount of literature including:
- training techniques
- protocols
- dog behaviour
- biological impacts
and much more, from some of the most highly respected professionals in the scientific and behavioural community


"Kelly is extremely knowledgeable, professional and supportive. She has helped us with all of our canine needs from walks, and dog sitting through to one to one training sessions. Kelly provides advice in manageable bite size chunks- things that really work and can be maintained. I would highly recommend!"

"Kelly was absolutely amazing with my Labradoodle Charlie. We had just about given up hope for any normality, but Kelly worked with us to come up with a routine to suit both us and Charlie and he is so much more calm and content in himself! … Would definitely recommend Kelly to family and friends! Thanks again Kelly, love Charlie and family"

“...Amazing, she managed to turn my dog Moss around in 5 sessions, I could not recommend her enough… give her a call and be prepared to be amazed, she is brilliant, thank you”

"Kelly walks our dogs regularly, we trust her completely. She is always very helpful and despite being busy always manages to cover extra days… Nothing is too much trouble – even a trip to the pharmacy when the mini humans were ill! Most importantly the dogs (and cats) are always very excited to see her and always come back tired and happy"..Amazing, she managed to turn my dog Moss around in 5 sessions, I could not recommend her enough… give her a call and be prepared to be amazed, she is brilliant, thank you"

"Very impressed with Kelly's services! Already making huge progress with my 3 dogs and only in week 2. Kelly is intuitive and inventive in her methods and goes the extra mile to help her clients in any way she can! Highly recommended!"

"I started having 1-2-1's with Kelly when I got my rescue dog... Kelly made me realise [he] was very intelligent and helped me to focus his energy and intelligence to make him much calmer and better trained. I have also been doing Kelly's beginner classes which has brought [him] on loads and I can honestly say the bond between him and myself has really grown. I can't recommend Kelly enough and it's even better when I see [him] get so excited to see her... it's very reassuring!"

"Hello Kelly, Just wanted to say thank you for what was a very useful theory session. Your passion and energy for what you do and your commitment to positive dog teaching and learning was evident throughout. I came away feeling impressed and confident that I had come to the right person. Thanks"

"I have been taking my very busy working cocker spaniel to Kelly’s obedience training classes for the past 3 months and it's his favourite time of the week. We recently had a 1-2-1 which was of great value, the advice Kelly gave I was able to put into practice straight away and see some instant improvements. Blake and I understand each other much better through the training we have been doing which is building a stronger bond between us. Just the help and advice I was looking for, I would highly recommend Kelly.