Beginner Class

Our beginner classes are run in North Kyme village hall at 7:30. We have 2 sets of beginner classes - the first runs every Monday night, the other runs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.
Beginner dog training classes are a great follow on from our puppy course, for dogs over the age of 5 months that haven’t been to a training class before and for rescue or adult dogs that are being introduced to group training for the first time.
These classes are bought in blocks of 4 consecutive weeks to ensure that the group is never bigger than 6 dogs – however you can continue to come for as many blocks as you would like to continue your training journey with us.

During these classes we will cover and continue to build upon:
*Positions – sit, down, stand
*Not pulling on the lead
*Coming when called
*Leave cue/food manners
*Settling in exciting situations
*Handling and grooming
*Greeting without jumping up

We also cover “concepts”. These are games and activities that teach and build on:
* Confidence
* Focus
* Problem-solving skills
* Impulse/self-control
* Generalising behaviours

These are more than just pet obedience classes, they are a foundation for an amazing life long relationship with your four-legged friend.

Your very first week coming to class would be a theory week - in the form of a 30 minute video and an email full of useful information to give you a great start to classes.