Socialisation can start from the moment your puppy is born and it is really great to introduce them gently to new experiences as soon as possible. Don’t wait until they are already 16 weeks! Socialisation is more than just playing with other dogs. Socialisation includes noises, textures, people, strange objects and much more. This should be done very gently and kindly to make sure that our puppies aren’t frightened by these new experiences. But not all of socialisation is about teaching our puppies to interact with/notice these things — some things we introduce in a way which makes those things blur into the background and just be ignored. Here at Follow My Lead we host a number of activity sessions that help puppies to develop into confident and well adjusted adults.

Puppy Class

Our puppy classes are run in North Kyme village hall on Monday nights at 6:30. They are great for puppies up to 20 weeks (under 5 months on the first class of the course). We encourage the whole family to attend so they can enjoy and share in the training fun.

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Puppy Play Sessions

The puppy play sessions offer a valuable opportunity for the puppies to meet other young dogs. It is also a great way to introduce your puppy to new human friends in a secure environment. These are held at Follow My Lead Coningsby and are arranged at times that suit owners whose pups are well matched.

To ensure that the sessions are beneficial for each puppy booking is essential and only well matched puppies will be able to attend the same sessions. This enables us to ensure it will be a really positive experience for them so they can continue to develop and learn communication in a fun way. 

Each play session lasts between 25 and 30 minutes and is broken up by short breaks - so the puppies can refocus on their owner and complete fun socialisation activities before returning to play.

As with all our social services the puppies will have come for a meet and greet first, so unlike some other puppy play sessions the trainer will know that the session will be beneficial for all of the participants.

Puppy play is £5 per puppy and booking is essential.