Data Protection


To enable us to work with us we need to be able to contact you before, during, and after our services (to enable us to book you in, tailor your service and and provide your pet with the best care) we need to collect your:
* Name
* Address
* Phone Number
* Email Address
* Facebook or Instagram profile name (if you contact us through these social medias)
* House Key (if we will be collecting your dog for a walk etc. while you are not at the property)
* As well as a detailed history of your dog.

We will collect information through online messaging, emails, phone/video calls and in person meets. This will enable us to:
* get a clearer picture of your dog and the life you lead together - enabling us to keep you and your dog safe during our services, whilst providing you with the most tailored and beneficial advice and care possible
* contact you (by phone, email, or messenger) between sessions to provide support and ensure we are up to date on any progress or changes that may have occurred between sessions/walks/pop-ins etc.
* send updates where appropriate
* book further sessions/walks etc.

This will be recorded through messenger or email (if sent as such) or contained in profile forms and notes. As we strive for all documentation to move digital very limited hard copies will be held, and destroyed as soon as a digital version replaces it i.e. if you would prefer to hand us a paper copy we will scan that copy and then destroy it.

This information is stored on my laptop and mobile phone, with a password to protect both of these devices.

For my safety a record of who/where I will be going is recorded in my diary i.e. Human name, dog name, name of service – as well as house number and postcode if the client is new/infrequent – so I could be traced if I didn’t return home as expected.

Keys are kept in a box in the glove department of the (locked) van during use, with your dog’s name secured to the key but NOT your address. These will be returned after 1 year without use. You must contact us if your locks are changed or if you are moving house so we can return your key sooner – otherwise they will be destroyed after 13 months to protect your privacy.

Emails, profile forms and notes will be deleted or shredded after 3 years to protect your privacy. If requested we will delete all data on your request earlier than this.
Your information will not be passed on to any third party (unless we are legally obligated to do so).  It will never be sold or gifted to any third party.

You have the option to opt “in” or “out” of marketing messages and emails – informing you of new services, reminding you that your next block of walks are due to book etc. If you change your mind about this at any time no further emails or messages will be sent.

Non-personal data is collected through Google Analytics from our website ( and Facebook Analytics ( This shows us:
* How many visitors we have had each month
* Which devices and browser were used
* The country the site was accessed from
* Most popular pages
* The percentages of visitors that are male/female/in different age brackets etc.

This data is used to ensure our marketing is reaching our target audience whilst being informative and helpful.

We embed some content on our website (such as videos from our YouTube channel). This content will behave in the same way it would if you had accessed it directly from YouTube rather than our website or Facebook page etc.



“I was recommended Kelly by someone, since having sessions with Kelly the difference in my dog is unreal. I was stressed to the eye balls and kept shouting at her as she wasn’t listening and playing up. The exercises she gives us has helped stimulate her mind and keep her busy as she is an intelligent dog. Also Kelly has shown us how to control her barking at every noise and also tips on why she is acting up. Since implementing the plan Kelly has given us, the change is impressive … Thank you Kelly.”

“ ... Kelly is outstanding and I’m so impressed with her positive training and her professionalism. My dogs and I have learned so much in Kelly’s training class and I would highly recommend her in her 1 to 1 support, training classes and walking … Thank you Kelly

Brilliant training and dog walking services, tailored to your dog’s individual need. Fun, friendly and professional.”

“… She was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and put both myself and puppy at ease very quickly. Following the session, we were given a written outline of everything we covered which has been really helpful to look back on. Great service and would definitely recommend 👍”

“Kelly is a great dog trainer! I’m doing online trick training and it’s been brilliant. Kelly explains everything really well and gives lots of positive feedback, making it easy to understand and enjoyable for you and your dog. Would highly recommend 😀”

“Kelly was absolutely amazing with my Labradoodle Charlie. We had just about given up hope for any normality, but Kelly worked with us to come up with a routine to suit both us and Charlie and he is so much more calm and content in himself! … Would definitely recommend Kelly to family and friends! Thanks again Kelly, love Charlie and family”

"Hello Kelly, Just wanted to say thank you for what was a very useful theory session. Your passion and energy for what you do and your commitment to positive dog teaching and learning was evident throughout. I came away feeling impressed and confident that I had come to the right person. Thanks"

“…Amazing, she managed to turn my dog Moss around in 5 sessions, I could not recommend her enough… give her a call and be prepared to be amazed, she is brilliant, thank you”

“I have been taking my very busy working Cocker Spaniel to Kelly’s obedience training classes for the past 3 months and it’s his favourite time of the week. We recently had a 1-2-1 which was of great value, the advice Kelly gave I was able to put into practice straight away and see some instant improvements. Blake and I understand each other much better through the training we have been doing which is building a stronger bond between us. Just the help and advice I was looking for, I would highly recommend Kelly.”

5 Stars. We have a 2 year old Irish Setter called Flynn who suddenly decided to become aggressive with his Beagle best friend and most male dogs on walks. We met Kelly at her home and arranged further sessions. Kelly has an excellent way with customers and dogs and helped us improve Flynn’s behaviour with many training methods and advice. Can’t recommend Kelly enough she has really helped us gain confidence and improved Flynn. Highly Recommended.”