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Our Monday Puppy Training Classes run at 6:00pm outside North Kyme Village Hall.

They are great for puppies up to 20 weeks (under 5 months on the first class of the course).

2 family members can bring the puppy to class (1 handler if the class is held inside due to poor weather). Each week an in depth recap sheet break down what we have covered, the benefits of these exercises, and how to build upon them during the week ahead. This allows the entire family to enjoy and share in the training fun!

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Our Beginner Training Classes are on Mondays at 7:00pm outside North Kyme Village Hall

Beginner dog training classes are a great follow on from our puppy course, for dogs over the age of 5 months that haven’t been to a training class before and for rescue or adult dogs that are being introduced to "group" training for the first time.

Each week a recap email reminds you what we have covered - allowing the entire family to enjoy and share in the training fun!

To read more (including what the course covers) please click here.

Our mixed ability life skills classes are on Wednesdays at 6:00pm in Dogdyke.

These "pay as you go" (book in advance) classes are great for dogs that have worked in a group (with me or another trainer) in the last 6 months or have attended regular classes know the past (for dogs 18 months old). The flexibility to continue your training journey, without committing to a block of sessions!

Our fun dog agility classes are run in Dogdyke (near RAF Coningsby).

Agility is fantastic for our dogs, it:
* Helps to keep them fit
* Strengthens your bond and communication with them
* Gives them something new and exciting to do with you every week.

The classes will involve teaching:
* Ground work  * Co-ordination
* Jumping  * Weaving  * Contacts
All in small, manageable and age/growth stage appropriate pieces so that it is safe and enjoyable for you and your dog.

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