Pick 'n' Mix Class

Each class includes elements from 4 different dog sports - so both of you can try each of them! Agility, Scentwork, Rally-o and Heelwork to Music!

Here are some examples of these games and exercises:

Agility foundations (groundwork)
* Handler focus
* Body Awareness
* Forward/Obstacle Focus
* Directional Cues (run straight, loop round etc.)

Scent work
* Using different scents (catnip, human, gun oil etc.)
* Active (retrieve the scented item)
* Passive (indicate the scented item)
* Finding hidden food

Rally-O (fun obedience)
* Stationary cues (sit/down/stand etc.)
* Behaviours on the move
* Moving/turning with you
* Wait/stay

Trick training (dog dancing style)
* Teaching tricks
* Using props
* "Fancy" heelwork
* Creating sequences

These classes run in Dogdyke Training Field on Wednesdays at 6pm from the 4th of May. Classes can be bought individually for £12.50 each (subject to availability) or as the full block of 8 weeks for just £80.