Professional Dog Training Walks


We can collect your dog and take them for a walk to specifically develop the skills you would like to increase.  This could be continuing their training for:
* Loose Lead Walking     * Road manners     * Reactivity     * Focusing On You
* Recall     * Chase     * Puppy Socialisation     * Toy Drive     and more

Life can be very busy! Finding time (with daylight!) to train your dog between sessions can be much more challenging some weeks than others. Arranging a training walk for those busy weeks can be just the training boost your dog needs.
Alternatively, you may enjoy allowing Kelly to lay the foundations for your new training plan - so the window to reward the right behaviour (or prevent your dog from making a mistake) increases.

Typically training walks last approximately 30 minutes - from pick up to drop off. Following this you are given either a verbal recap (if you're home) or a message to update you on what we covered, what went well, and what your focus should be on your next walk. Some walks may be longer - especially if we drive to a different location for the walk to begin.

Please contact us for more information or for a quote for your dog.