5 Stars. We have a 2 year old Irish Setter called Flynn who suddenly decided to become aggressive with his Beagle best friend and most male dogs on walks. We met Kelly at her home and arranged further sessions. Kelly has an excellent way with customers and dogs and helped us improve Flynn’s behaviour with many training methods and advice. Can’t recommend Kelly enough she has really helped us gain confidence and improved Flynn. Highly Recommended.”


“I was recommended Kelly by someone, since having sessions with Kelly the difference in my dog is unreal. I was stressed to the eye balls and kept shouting at her as she wasn’t listening and playing up. The exercises she gives us has helped stimulate her mind and keep her busy as she is an intelligent dog. Also Kelly has shown us how to control her barking at every noise and also tips on why she is acting up. Since implementing the plan Kelly has given us, the change is impressive … Thank you Kelly.”