We can visit your puppy or dog and specifically work on skills/exercises you would like them to develop. This could be continuing their training for:
* Loose Lead Walking Foundations * Focusing On You * Recall
* Food Manners * Mouthing * Toy Drive     and more

Life can be very busy! Finding time (with daylight or during school holidays!) to train your dog between sessions can be much more challenging some weeks than others. Arranging a training pop-in for those busy weeks can be just the training boost your dog needs.
Alternatively, you may enjoy allowing Kelly to lay the foundations for your new training plan - so the window to reward the right behaviour (or prevent your dog from making a mistake) increases.

Typically training pop-ins last approximately 30 minutes. Following this you are given either a verbal recap (if you're home) or a message to update you on what we covered, what went well, and what your focus should be on your next training session.

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