Dog Training Goal Classes

During each course we work towards a real life situation, with every activity, exercise and game specifically preparing you and your dog. For example: going to  a café, on a busy city walk or stress free vet visits.

A Walk in the Park

This course will work work on:
* Loose lead walking
* Recall
* Focus around distractions
and * Fun activities you can do to make your countryside and park walks even better

The first 5 weeks are held on Saturday mornings at 10:30am in our outdoor dog training venue in Dodyke. During the first 5 weeks we will build up these skills and practice with fun games and activities. On week 6 we will meet on Saturday mornings at 10:30am in Ostlers Plantation (near Woodhall Spa) to take our training into the real world!

1) 10th April - 10:30am - Dogdyke
2) 17th April - 10:30am - Dogdyke
3) 24th April - 10:30am - Dogdyke
4) 8th May - 10:30am - Dogdyke
5) 22nd May - 10:30am - Dogdyke
6) 5th June - 10:30am Ostlers Plantation (near Woodhall Spa)

It costs just £75 for the block of 6 weeks.