Group Training Options

Follow My Lead offer lots of group activities for dogs to increase their level of training, from classes and agility to training walks. There are different options for different ages and abilities so there may an option to suit you and your dog!

Dog Training Classes

Our classes have temporarily moved online. This allows you to benefit from training, without having to leave your home or have unnecessary contact with us. This less time consuming way of training may even enable you to fit in that course you were waiting for the right time to book! If isolation is mandated (or if you are already in isolation) it will give you something fun and positive to focus on with your dog. Happy owners and happy dogs!
Clients will be sent a link to a "Skype meeting" for classes. This will allow us to see and hear each other, as well as type for any extra clarification. Our dogs can help to demonstrate different techniques, and the less distracting environment will allow you to  build on your skills even more quickly.
As we will not be travelling, having to leave so much time between sessions, or paying rent at venues classes booked are currently available at a 15% discount. This does not make them less valuable, but instead allows us to pass our time and financial savings on to you.

Once the panademic has finished our dog training classes will return to North Kyme village hall. This is the village next to Billinghay, 10 minutes, away from Coningsby and 15 minutes away from Sleaford.

Puppy Training Classes

Our puppy classes are currently running online via Skype Meeting on Monday nights at 6:30. They are great for puppies up to 20 weeks (under 5 months on the first class of the course). We encourage the whole family to join so they can enjoy and share in the training fun.
To read more (including what the course covers) please click here.

Beginner Class

Our beginner classes are currently running online via Skype Meeting at 7:30 on Monday nights. 
Beginner dog training classes are a great follow on from our puppy course, for dogs over the age of 5 months that haven’t been to a training class before and for rescue or adult dogs that are being introduced to "group" training for the first time.
This course is initially bought in a block of 8 consecutive weeks to ensure that the group is never bigger than 6 dogs. However you can come for as many blocks as you would like to continue your training journey with us - at which point you can choose to pay in blocks of 4 weeks instead.
To read more (including what the course covers) please click here.

Online Trick Training Classes

Trick training is mentally and physically tiring for your dog, great for bonding and will be a fantastic outlet for you both - especially during self isolation!

All our online trick classes will only require 4 things (unless an additional item is specified):
1) Yourself
2) Your healthy dog
3) A reward for your dog (food or a toy)
4) An electronic device such as a phone or laptop
Meaning you can jump right in!

We have two levels of classes: Come as you are! - Which will suit anyone and Smart casual! - Which will suit more experienced trainers

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for our latest classes!

Intermediate Class

Our Intermediate classes are currently running online via Skype Meeting on Monday nights at 7:30 in conjunction with our Beginner classes - with advances on the exercises for these more experienced dogs. These classes can be bought in blocks of 8 or 4 consecutive weeks to ensure that the group is never bigger than 8 dogs – however you can continue to come for as many blocks as you would like to continue your training journey with us.
To read more (including what the course covers) please click here.

Fun Dog Agility

Our fun dog agility classes are run in Dogdyke (near RAF Coningsby) on Saturdays at 10:30am. Each class is £10 and paid for in month blocks.

Agility is fantastic for our dogs, it:
* Helps to keep them fit
* Strengthens your bond and communication with them
* Gives them something new and exciting to do with you every week.

The classes will involve teaching:
* Ground work
* Co-ordination
* Jumping
* Weaving
* Contacts
All in small, manageable and age/growth stage appropriate pieces so that it is safe and enjoyable for you and your dog.

All dogs must be physically fit, social and able to work in a group environment to be able to come to our dog agility classes.