Puppy Classes

Our puppy classes are run in North Kyme village hall on Monday nights at 6:30. They are great for puppies up to 20 weeks (under 5 months on the first class of the course). We encourage the whole family to attend so they can enjoy and share in the training fun.
Our classes run in a loop rather than a strict course. This way puppies can join as soon as they are ready, maximising their socialisation opportunity. Each class looks to prepare you and your puppy for different, every day scenarios. This way they learn all of the important life skills they will need, with an emphasis on real life application.
The course is £75. This is broken down into 6 weeks: a theory week (in the form of a 30 minute introduction video that you can watch at your leisure) and 5 classes.  Payment and confirmation of when you would like to join the practical sessions will secure your space and you will receive your welcome pack and introduction video.

Our weeks are called:
* Going out to eat/on holiday
* Being a fun pet dog Part 1
* Going for a walk
* Being a fun pet dog Part 2
* Going to the vets/groomers

As part of this we include:
* Positions - sit, down, stand
* Not pulling on the lead
* Coming when called
* Manners around food
* Settling in the home and in exciting situations
* Socialisation
* Handling and grooming
* Play
* Greeting without jumping up
* and more!
We also cover “concepts”. These are games and activities that teach and build on:
* Confidence
* Focus
* Impulse/self-control
* Generalising behaviours
* and more!
To help take your puppy from a good dog to a super pup!

After each class you will receive a email including a recap sheet. This will break down what we have covered, the benefits of these exercises, and how to build upon them during the week ahead.

* Please note that while body language and appropriate play is covered in the introductory video, the puppies aren't encouraged to play with each other during the training sessions. Being able to ignore other dogs when necessary is a very important part of their socialisation and exuberant on-lead interactions can lead to puppies having bad experiences. Our Puppy play sessions are aimed at giving the puppies chance to play with other well matched dogs and puppies, so are a great addition to the puppy classes. Class members can enjoy a 15% discount for the puppy play sessions. *